Important news

When we first launched MBAmatch in 2000 we designed the site using ‘permission marketing’ principles, knowing how important data privacy was for all of us. Contained within the member account was a table of permissions which you were asked to keep updated, which would form the basis of our communications policy with you personally. Further, we never used your data in any way other than for the provision of the services around the site.

Over the years we didn’t get the funding to build the service out in the way we may have once liked to, but we kept it going for the sake of those who were using some of the career services and the job alerting function – still used to this day.

However, with the onset of the GDPR regulations, which we support wholeheartedly, we recognise that what is needed is a complete redesign of the site and the services offered to our MBA colleagues, though we are also aware that the service may have run its course. So we’d like to hear from you about what you think.

If you are interested in staying in touch with us and allowing us to keep you updated about any potential relaunch or new service, please provide us with your contact details below and any further comments or suggestions you would like to make.

As a thank you for staying in touch with us, though dependent on the uptake, we would be delighted to offer you free access to some of our MBA Leadership podcasts once they are produced.

With our thanks for being able to serve you over the years,

Johann Diaz MBA

CEO & Founder


If you would like more information about a specific product or service we offer, please tell us which one and exactly what you would like to know.

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