Employers and Recruiters

The Need For Quality People

The war for talent is escalating - despite the current economic slowdown and the end of the dot-com boom - McKinsey & Co.

It is widely recognised that many countries are already desperately short of next generation business leaders. And three further trends, it is argued, threaten to exacerbate the problem over the next few years:

More and more companies therefore are having to search globally for their executive talent, a factor which most graduates and post-graduates are aware of.

But now, perhaps for the first time ever, the Internet offers the sophisticated organisation, the empowerment for finding great people quickly and more cost effectively than before.

Current research suggests that using the Internet for recruitment can cut an employer’s costs by as much as 90% over traditional methods and speed up the whole process by a third.

Employer and Recruiter Services

MBAmatch provides several services to corporate employers and recruitment consultancies designed to help you attract and retain highly talented middle to senior level executives.

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