Employer Services / Our Philosophy


As the search for the next generation of business leaders intensifies, employers are finding it more difficult to find and attract high quality candidates. Many attempt to carry out the recruitment process themselves, whilst many choose to employ third party intermediaries to bring specialist knowledge and skills into the whole process.

At MBAmatch we don’t intend to replace either of these routes to the candidate market. We simply aim to empower you to gain access to a high quality pool of business executives in a quicker, more efficient and much more cost effective way than ever before.


We are an independent company - we have no ties to specific business schools or recruitment companies, which means that anyone can use our services. This maximizes our chances of finding a suitable candidates which match your requirements.

Pricing and Payment

It is our belief that all clients are happy to pay for something of value. But not all clients wish to do so in exactly the same way; after all, businesses are just as different from one another as people are. So we do not prescribe the method you must use when it comes to rewarding us for the value you receive from our services.

We have established several pricing options out of which we feel sure you will be able to find one which is suitable for your circumstances. If however, none of them are attractive to you, please tell us what other option you would prefer and we will try and accommodate you.

The small print

In return for our flexibility we simply ask two things. First, that you pay for our services on time within the scope of our agreement. Second, that you recommend our services to other colleagues and friends.

Quality of Service

We are committed to providing a high quality, easy-to-use, instant service to our members and clients. If you are not satisfied with our service, for whatever reason, we would ask you to bring the matter to our attention by contacting us either by e-mail, or directly by phone.


These days it is too easy to suddenly find yourself on endless marketing lists without even knowing how organisations have obtained your details.

We guarantee that none of your contact details will be passed on by us to individual members or any other third parties, without your express permission. We adhere to a strict privacy policy with regards to member and clients details. We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1984 - Reference PX4477633. Our hosting company holds all member and client details securely, subject to all reasonable expectations.

Third Party Sites and Services

Our Privacy Policy can only apply to our web site, and although we believe that each external link that we provide is professional and legitimate, at the time of publishing, please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the respective privacy policy for each link or web site that you may subsequently visit.

Similarly, Web Match Services International Ltd (for whom MBAmatch.com is a trading name) can take no responsibility for the performance of third party suppliers obtained via links suggested by us.