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Talent Acquisition

So what exactly do we mean by the term Talent Acquisition?

Well, just as Customer Acquisition describes the overall strategic process around identifying market sectors, targeting client prospects, running direct marketing campaigns, selling and receiving the order (i.e. acquiring a new customer), so Talent Acquisition involves all the sub-processes around finding, attracting and engaging highly talented individuals into your organization.

Strategic Process

Historically organizations have not treated the recruitment process as one of strategic importance, but latterly many are now waking up to the reality that the world has changed dramatically. No more can the organization pick and choose between several great candidates for one position. Several changes in our connected world has tipped the scales in favor of the highly talented individual looking for a new opportunity.

Firstly, of course, there is the internet. Never before in the history of humankind, has there been such an enabling technology. Candidates can now advertise their desire to change jobs within minutes of making the decision and receive enquires about their talents within hours.

Potentially, it is feasible that a high quality employee of yours, having received the final 'straw which broke the camel's back (bad appraisal, inappropriate negative response from boss, extra workload stress etc.) can post their CV/Resume up on a particular jobs board at midday today, receive three interested requests for contact with third party recruiters or headhunters within hours, be interviewed for an outstanding role (at one of your competitors) tomorrow, receive an offer in writing the following day and resign that afternoon (within 2 days). Scary, isn't it?

But if the internet has enabled this process for candidates, it has also brought significant advantages for organizations.

Direct access to the candidate market

Now organizations can go direct to the candidate market, thereby cutting the time it takes to find the right people, whilst dramatically reducing their recruitment costs.

However, simply posting up jobs on various jobs boards is not the answer.

Best Practice Process

Instead, based on all the research we have compiled over the last 18 months, we believe that Talent Acquisition needs to be addressed at the most senior levels within all organizations - big or small, public or private. This means that Talent Acquisition needs to fit 'hand in glove' with your overall organizational strategy. It needs to have the appropriate level of resources behind it; it needs to be monitored and reported on at all board meetings and it needs to involve many people within the organization who attribute to it the importance that the organization requires.

But don't despair, given the correct focus we can help ensure that your organization becomes an employer of choice in this brave new world.