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One of the key principles in salary negotiation is to know what the market pays - even in such turbulent times!

But many MBAs (alumni and current students), pre-MBAs (those thinking about taking an MBA) and MBA employers and recruiters have not always had a good enough picture about the general state of MBA salaries and careers.

We aim to change that.

Following on from the major success of our 2003 survey, which generated over 1800 responses, we are running one again.

Take our 2011 MBA Salary Survey

With our 2009 MBA Salaries and Careers survey report you will be able to arm yourself with up-to-date accurate data.

All respondents will receive a FREE summary report when published.

Current MBA Graduates and Students

What are you really worth? How will you really know?

By using the information contained within this report you will be able to:

If you are interested in finding out how your career progression and current salary compare to those of your colleagues in similar or different industries/functions/seniority, you will be able to purchase the report online (once published).

Pre - MBA candidates

If you are still considering taking the MBA and are wondering whether or not it is going to be a good investment of your time and money, why not simply order a copy of the final report and decide for yourself.

Find out:

You should know this information BEFORE you commit to such an intense and costly period of management learning.

Employers & Recruiters

If you (or your client) employ MBAs or are looking to do so in the future, do you know what you really should be paying?

Once published this report will give you the latest and most up to date information on MBA salaries, providing timely relevant and accurate data to ensure you are able to recruit the most talented managers and executives.

Even if you just want to get a good idea about salaries for middle to senior ranking executives, as many MBAs already are in these positions, this is the report for you.

Our previous report collected just under 1800 responses to salary and other employment related questions.