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Let's face it - your CV is not the most important thing in your life - true? True!

Therefore it is not a priority keeping it up to date and well-polished - is it?

However - it is often THE only marketing document you have available to convince your future employer (or their recruiter) to call you for an interview!

So hadn't you better brush it up BEFORE you really need it. It's too late to think about doing so when the phone rings, or you see that great job advert on our jobs board!

You could lose the chance to increase your salary significantly, getting that next job, by not having an up-to-date, polished CV ready to e-mail at a moment's notice!

Your CV has a maximum of 30 seconds in which to make an impact. Usually it is just 10 seconds before the first decision is made.

Will your CV pass the 30 second test?

At a small cost of just £9.95, don't wait until you really need it to help you win an interview.

We will:

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Please email your current cv and a copy of the sales email. We will endevour to process and return this within 3 working days.