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Despite being highly motivated, highly skilled and very well educated, many MBAs are still unsure of how best to present themselves when it comes to their CV/Resume.

Is your CV letting you down?

If you are applying for lots of jobs and/or sending out your CV regularly, but you are not getting the interviews you feel you should be getting, then perhaps your CV is letting you down.

Or perhaps you are trying to change the course of your career and want a quick guide to the changes which need to be made to position yourself in the best light.

Your CV has a maximum of 30 seconds in which to make an impact.

Let us carry out a quick objective review of your existing CV with a view to providing you with easy-to-make changes which should give you a better chance of being selected for an interview.

We will:

At a price of just £49.95 we believe this will be a great investment in your pursuit of your dream career. (Don't forget you effectively get £13.50 back by receiving your copy of our "Top MBA CVs" e-book absolutely FREE)

Why wait?

Make sure you have your CV reviewed today and then concentrate on brushing up on your interview skills!

100% RISK FREE Guarantee

If you think our advice makes no sense whatsoever we will refund your money - simple as that.

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Don't forget that by ordering a CV Review you will also be entitled to receive a full copy of our "Top MBA CVs e-book" - worth £13.50.

What to do next

Simply click here, follow through the process and we will tell you how to send us your CV.

Customer testimonials

I found it most helpful and I appreciate your frankness on some of the issues raised. I happen to agree with most if not all of what you had commented on and have subsequently worked on it such that I now have a more concise two page representation which has adopted your advice and recommendations.


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